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The Advantage Of Gaming Racing Seat

When you play game for a long game, if the posture is not right, you may feel sore back, sore neck, especially those game enthusiasts? Long time on playing games, and do not move for hours , the game is so hey and crazy that you are not aware of sitting posture is wrong.

The electronic competitive racing gaming chair is different from the traditional gaming accessories such as mouse, keyboard and so on. It is more inclined to protect human health, that is why we choose the electronic competitive leather rock gaming chair. And the function of cool gaming chairs is really very powerful, not only a ergonomic gaming chair , it has been widely used to people’s work and study place.

Many people often watch competitions and they can find that the organizers always provide professional players with competitive leather gaming chairs, such as world championship and overwatch world cup. competitions can see athletes sitting on KaoWin gaming chairs.

KaoWin chair is an ergonomics wireless gaming chair
with a 15 degree slightly inclined high back to fit the human physiological curve, more comfortable to lean. With SGS certified four-stage pneumatic steel pipe, body of steel frame will not be deformed for a long time, either big or small body can control it steadily.

Smooth lines and durable high-end texture of PU leather is resistant to hydrolysis and oxidation. V-shaped chair back design is cool, which supporting 155 degrees lying back. The chair side is encircled as a package, the concave convex sense section makes a strong stereoscopic feeling.

Multifunctional adjustable armrest can meet the needs of players in different situation.PC gaming chair feet are equipped with high load-bearing five claws, thickened riot-proof site, double security in design, racing-grade soft PU wheel, reinforced and thick sponge comfortable cushion.

KaoWin racing rock gaming chair is different from other brand as it uses more Lycra mesh material, which has perfect permeability, sitting for a long time without sultry heat, and has moisture absorption, quick drying and smooth surface, it can effectively resist static electricity, mildew and fungus. Backrest and cushion are high-density stereotyped sponges, higher density represents better resilience and wrapping feeling, segmented texture, scientific pressure.

In addition, the whole comfortable gaming chair is also lengthened, so that you would feel more comfortable when sitting and lying. The headrest is also 30% larger than ordinary headrest. Back-lying adjustment can reach 180 degrees, allowing you to lie flat at rest for a while full of blood to revive, five-claw high-strength nylon reinforced and thickened chassis can hold 1136 kg, is the gospel of heavy customers. The racing class mute rollers, soft PU, anti slip and mute, would not hurt the floor, and will not disturb the game.

The greatest significance of gaming racing seat is to force people to maintain correct posture through ergonomic structure when playing games. The design of the waist pillow can ensure people supported on the waist of the chair. The head pillow can ensure gamer has a place in the neck when playing games, and ensure every part of the upper body to be supported. It can ensure players to enjoy the game without pain in the neck. The material of the fixed sponge ensures that there will be no awkward situation of sitting and sinking. On the user experience, KaoWin has prove to be moving at the right direction.

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